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Schools & Community Leaders - RFP & Grant Funding Unsolicited Proposal

School Districts and other Charter/Private Schools are invited to request a proposal for Tutoring Great Thinkers' (TGT)

Supplemental Adjunct Learning for lower performing schools and students 

 Able 6 - 

Supplemental Learning Plan

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YAHEC's tutoring program is a gap filler and supplements learning skills that may contribute to students who struggle to learn. 

In today's school record keeping, students with emotional and learning deficiency are tested with students who perform on grade level.  Public schools test to measure the impact of learning annually (AYP). 


As a whole, results have shown that  less than proficient scores of disabled or struggling learners greatly impact a school's success and ability to meet Annual Yearly Progress (AYP).  TGT is the supplemental agent for change.  Our program is designed to meet the learner at their specific level of understanding; visual, auditory, and motion manipulations with eye coordination exchange.

  Our skilled educators will motivate and encourage learning in children.  As a result, an impact of their performance in the classroom and during standardized testing will demonstrate favorable results to manifest. 


Proposal:  16-week pull out segments to enhance skills in reading and math. (form below)


Evidence is generally seen after 32-session:  

  • Students demonstrate learning is taking place and holes are being fill.  
  • As a result of implementing this adjunct program and pull out plan participants will improve behavior and attitude toward learning.  
  • YAHEC hopes to advance in progress of one to two grade levels with our annual partnership.   

 Tutoring Great Thinkers (TGT) was birthed in the heart it's founder when her two sons were in elementary school.  She participated in school events, joined/participated on the 

  • Board of the PTA, fought for rights of children 
  • Organized a school Beautification Day
  • Offered support to teachers. 
  • Substitute teacher 
  • Special Educator (10 years)
  • Co-teacher model (SPED)
  • CEO & President of YAHEC's Tutoring Great Thinkers (TGT)
  • Provider of social and recreational events and services (PBIS)
    • Incentive program
    • Incentive events
    • Recognition
    • Fundraiser


YAHEC's goal at its founding - and still today - is to provide quality service and support in the area of education, recreation, and social services to the public and communities.  YAHEC's intent is to provide communities with a one-stop support network of services to put unity back to life in the community. 


In addition to our adjunct learning program we provide (PD) Professional Development sessions for staff; help increase team-building, classroom management, teaching to a child's learning style, bullying, and positive motivation plans.  

Our focus is to help children learn by accommodating learning styles in their daily instruction. 

Also, YAHEC will help 1-3 year teachers master the art of classroom management and motivating learning while engaging the student.  https://www.yahec.com/tgtable6form.htm

Finally, we want to help students enjoy the social life of school. 

Through the partnership with local schools and businesses students participate in after-school activities and events sponsored by YAHEC and partnering organization/school. 


  • Friday's Jam is an evening of fun with friends where the laughs never end.  These activities and event will help to motivate a more focused scholar.  Special Events RSVP (Form)

  • Students can earn tickets, win tickets, or purchase tickets to the showdown to good, clean, fun.  

  • Our end of the year special event for 8th graders, graduating to 9th grade, is a Jr. Prom.  In many cases, 8th grade is where students consider dropping out of school.  Several never see another promotional celebration or Prom upon completion of 12 grade graduation requirements.  

  • YAHEC celebrate students for making it to 8th grade with hopes of continuing beyond to higher education levels.  Schools can sign up for this event that takes place in June.   YAHEC takes care of everything.  Click on Special Events to register your school.  Special Events RSVP (Form)