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The MBSS Experience Speaker's Series - Living Born Again

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Normal meeting:  2nd Wednesday of each month 11:30 am 

This recorded conference is a way to connect with other people who are going through the seasons of maturity.  The line is normally muted, but often opened for comments or sharing.  The purpose of this conference call is to help in the transformation of mind, body, spirit, and soul to live according to God's Word.  MBSS offers several techniques and victories that demonstrate God's ability to use everyone.  There is a purpose, a plan, and a future for each Believer in Jesus Christ.  

Andi Spice is a deliverer of God's people.  Andi Spice is blessed to encourage change. 

When you join the conference line, you will need supplies:

Bible Sticky Notes   Plain White Paper Pen / Pencil Highlighters                  Mirror 

*This recorded meeting will mass broadcast over social media.  Logging on to the call authorizes use of recorded meeting on social meeting, or for promotional purpose.

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The MBSS Experience  (Onsite)

Living Born Again

Speaker's Series 

Heaven In My Mouth

Sponsor:  Youth At Heart Empowerment Center, Inc.

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Do You Believe?

You Can Get Your ?Re? On 

?Your Do Over? 

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Andispice has 10 minute audio recordings about living a born again experience.  If you would like to join our email list and receive the recordings register by clicking Applications (Form) or Contact Us.  

Note:  Applying for registration authorizes YAHEC/Tutoringgreatthinkers@gmail.com authorization to forward material with your permission.  The recordings will help transitioning and renewing of mind to God's way of doing things.  It's part of the birthing cycle in Christ.  Contact Us

 Do you have a need for Spiritual/Consumer Advocate and Empowerment speaker?

Physician?s Care ? Health & Wellness

A Moment In Time ? Accepting Christ

Customer Service ? Consumer Power

Health and Wellness ? Battle Wounds

Making A Living ? Entrepreneurship

Manifested Dreams ? Expectation = Action


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Deuteronomy 23:23


Sample:  Spiritual Series of topics (select one topic or create a series of meeting dates)

Speaker Topics - Series 1 "Living Born Again"

Topic 1           Heaven In MY Mouth

Topc  2       I Call Myself Jobaline

Topic 3           Tragedy Turns To Triumph

Topic 4           U R The Best Advocate

Topic 5           God?s Way

Topic 6           I Wish That You Prosper & Be In Health

Topic 7           What Part Do I Play?

Topic 8           It?s Not About You

Topic 9           Your Will Be Done

Topic 10        Hell Raisers 


Speaker?s Schedule

9:00 ? 11:00 am      Monday ? Saturday (By Request)

1:00 ? 3:00 pm       Monday ? Friday (By Request)

6:00 ? 8:00 pm       Monday - Friday (By Request)


Speaker?s Accommodations

Venue to accommodate attendees

Speaking area

Microphone (wireless, if possible)

LCD projector and screen (area on wall to project)

Chairs on speaking area


Booking A Speaker/Author

Seeking platforms to reach the people of God.  Listed above are the schedule times I am available and the things required for an excellent production.  I look forward to your invitation to speak to your people.  The series is free, but a love gift is welcome.

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Email request to:  andisdataentry@yahoo.com  or Contact Us

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