YAH Empowerment Center (YAHEC)

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Help Us Grow!

Do you want to help YAHEC grow?

We seek people to distribute advertising material to the public.  Our promotional department wants to get our name and services in the community.  We also seek the assistance from skilled labor, masters of trade, and financial backing for our program.

Volunteer/Mentor - Steer and Guide Program

Do you have a skill or trade with mastery?

We are looking for individuals who are looking to give back to the community.  YAHEC plans to provide opportunities for people to learn a trade in order to create a more promising future.  If you have a skill that would provide a solid foundation for a stable future to youngesters consider volunteering to help.  Skills or trades in the following areas are desired:

  • Construction  (Flooring, Home improvement, Remodeling, Plumbing, Electrical)
  • Entertainment (Singers, Dancers, Musicians, Producers, Writers)
  • Designers (Home Interior, Clothing, Modeling)
  • Promotions (Printing, Design and Layout, Advertising)
  • Financial Planning (Budgeting, Planning, Investing, Credit Repair, Banking)

 Applications (Form)

Promotional Department - Openings (ages 13 -18)

We need you!

Our company seeks to provide distribution positions for youth 13 - 18 years of age.  Our program offers financial compensation for time spent helping us promote our YAHEC.  If you are interested in applying for this position, complete the form in our application section on this website.  When complete, submit your application and we will contact you soon.  Our payment is higher than minimum wage per hour.  A three (3) hour commitment per week is required. 

Do you need a job?

Do you have the following skills?

  • Provide great customer service
  • Display confidence and


  • People person (love working with people)
  • Nice, friendly personality

We have a job for you!


Promoters Needed

 Help Wanted

We pay higher than minimum wage!

We reward enthusiasm!

We recognize achievements!

We help change lives!

$ 10.00 per hour

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