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Challenge of the Year! - Misssion Movers Investor's Conference

Are you ready for a #NewNormal?   

Listen up investors....  It is your time and it is your day.  This invite is for go getters and life changers. YAHEC has the answer to the problems that plague our nation.  The solution combines a cookie cutter Empowerment Center with opportunities to create 13+ entrepreneurs and is guaranteed to Put Unity Back to Life In CommUNITY.  IF YOU ARE TIRED OF THE WAY OUR NATION IS CHANGING, and you want to be a part of a solution and not the problem attend a Mission Mover Meeting.  Click Investor's Corner (Form) 

YAH Empowerment Center invites investors to our ?Challenge of the Year - Mission Movers? special conference.  Do you have seed money to help a dream come true?  Are you looking to help pull another up with you?   In-Kind gifts are accepted to help people become ?business makers?.  The candidates for recent  presidential elections have different views.  

For more information:  yahec.com to register, click on Investor's Corner form, or call/txt 301-613-4294 your RSVP call back  information for the time convenient to your schedule.  (9am, 12:30pm, 6 pm).  Space is limited per event.   Investor's Corner

If you are a business, or have ideas for a business, meeting session are coming soon.  Listen out for more details.  Sponsored by Youth At Heart Empowerment Center and ART of living

To RSVP click and register: Investor's Corner (Form)


$1.00/10 million in-kind Mission Mover gifting campaign (click to give online) Web Store

INVESTOR'S CORNER - as little as $1.00

Are you an investor?


Gifts as low as $ 1.00

 Imagine With Me

Here is a great investment sure to increase your life-long success.  We hope to purchases property to use as part of the business entity (office), or development of our Transformation Towns.

You are invited to join a group of investors to provide seed money to the thoughts and ideas of God.  The first project is our facility and then Transformation Town.  In this town, residents' needs are met and their lives are transformed.   All donations are at free will and there are no promises or financial gains offered with your participation.


Imagine With Me In-Kind Gifting  program is a offering fundraiser for investors to help bring the hopes and visions of people who need an opportunity for success.  Our vision is huge so your help is greatly appreciated.

    *  Donations as low as $ 1.00

    *  No guarantee on return

    *  Register for the Investor's get together.  Space is limited so   

       register early.  To invest click here Investor's Corner (Form)


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