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Investor's Challenge

YAH Empowerment Center, Inc.

You gonna hang with the Biden daze?  Listen up investors.  It is your time and it is your day.  

This invite is for go getters and life changers. 

YAH Empowerment Center invites investors

 to take the Challenge of the Year.

  Special Conference

Do you have seed money to help a dream come true?  

YAH has site of a perfect location for the first Empowerment Center.  Here's the issue.. $3 million to buy and another $7 million to build out and plant.  This site is just under an Acre and has two homes and a multi-purpose building.  For additional consideration, there's a hotel for sale.  This building can house a multitude of living quarters for YAH Friend in need of help to get on their feet.  Will you invest?  

Are you looking to help pull another up with you?  

Come to our get together and let's create a #NewNoormal. 

 - presidential election have two different views. 

  1. One view is from money through hard work and motivation to excel. 
  2. Other view is hard work and endurance through difficult times will keep us hanging on. 


For more information:  to register, 

click on Investor?s (Form)   https://www.yahec.com/investorscornerform.htm 

Seating is limited 

 If you are a business or have ideas for a business meetings are coming soon to help you.  Listen out for more details.  We have several starter business ideas, 

YAHEC seeks supporters who will donate their treasures, talent and time to others who want to start a business. 

YAHEC?S MBXG seminar is for business investors only.  The event includes:

·         highlight of business concept

·         propel people in a positive direction 

·         change a generation

·         provide support, mentor, apprenticeship, and ownership


Business Idea 1 - Young men (20-30) provide a remote service while they enjoy life

Needs to get started: 

Vehicle, Materials, Maintenance and Gas, - estimate $ 7,000.00 - $ 10,000.00

Car Dealership ? donate a vehicle for a car or truck (free advertisement of business)

·         Mobile business advertising 3 months ? donations $ 1,000.00

o   $ 250.00 per month (magnetic sign on vehicle)

§ $ 1,000.00 per 3 months

§ $1,500.00 per 6 months

Business to Business Swoop ?








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