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The MBSS Experience at Andi's Place

with Andi Spice

Life with A Purpose


Kingdom Gathering Meet Ups

Sponsor:  Youth At Heart Empowerment Center, Inc.


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It's time!


Are you looking for a speaker?

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Schedule your group, company, or senior community, or organization for a Empowering Speaker's Series by Andi Spice. - #ARTofLivingYAHEC loving and living born again in Christ Jesus  Registration- (Form) or email tutoringgreatthinkers3@gmail.com 

              Building unity in the community one relationship at a time...


 Empowerment Center

  for the young at heart, mind, spirit, and soul


One on One Tutoring - Registration is on!  

  • Online registration is ongoing for YAHEC's Tutoring Great Thinkers

  • Students, Pre-K to 8th grade

  • Adaptive Learning with innovative results 
    • generating computer 
    • generated learning/online classes
  • Supplemental math/reading/homework help educational program.   
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Affordable rates as low as $30.00 per session. (Min. of 32 sessions)

  Monday - Thursday           4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

                                             6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

2-hour sessions 

Saturday Rate (slightly higher) - 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

2-3-hour sessions

 Future:  Homeschooling Program 

Ask about our referral program 

    Schools, Districts, Charter and other community entities  

Tutoring - School RFP


(Request) RFP Tutoring Great Thinkers

ABLE 6 & 12 Adjunct Learning Plan

During the day (pull-out program)   

After-school program

Saturday program        Math & Reading

other Enrichment Program

We Also Provide Public Awareness Seminars:

Anti-Bullying Campaign * History Made Real 2 Me

Educational Services for parents and schools 

 Parent Advocacy and Guidance (We will attend IEP Meeting, and classroom observations)
 Staff Development and TEAM-building Seminars
Parent Support, Accountability, Classroom Observations & Mentorship
Sign up your school (we do everything)
Student Focused Fun Events              Friday's Jam (Special Events)

 Partnership Opportunities - includes fundraiser support for school or organization


 For More information click link.  If your School/Community/County Council has grant funds click link.  I want to request a proposal  

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Up & Coming

Join the connection

Check the dates and time for conference calls.  

MBSS - Social 

Me, My Man, My Lord

Heaven In My Mouth

Speaker's Series - Living Born Again  


(presently not active)

This conference call is over the phone.  The majority of the meeting is muted for lecture mode, but often times they are open for questions, praise, or comments.  This meeting is a recorded call and will be distributed via social media.  If you are a participant and wish to speak when the lines are not muted, logging on the conference constitutes your willingness to participate and release use as YAHEC decides with no promise of compensation or payment of any kind. 

 Purchase book:  Me, My Man, My Lord By ANDREA TOOTLE (xlibris.com)



I see a vision for the future.  

YAH Empowerment Center seeks others who see the mission at hand.  Any in-kind donation and investment is appreciated.  

Covid19 has totally changed the way we live, the way we meet others, way we learn, and the way we socialize.

YAH Empowerment Center, Inc. wants to be a catalyst for change.  Please consider helping us meet our goals to Put Unity Back to Life In commUNITY.  

YAHEC HAS A WONDERFUL PLAN THAT WILL CHANGE COMMUNITIES.  It is ESTIMATED each location will cost $10 million.  Our hope..plant a Center in every community within 10 mile of a fast-food outlet.  

Investor's Challenge - $1.00+ in-kind giving campaign

Listen up investors!

It is your time and it is your day. 

This invite is for go getters and life changers. 

Youth At Heart Empowerment Center invites investors to our

"Challenge of the Year" 

Special online Conference

  •  YAHEC seeks "seed money", "grant", or in-kind gifts to manifest written vision
  • YAHEC seeks venues and partnership with vendors, musicians, entertainers  
 COVID19 has created an explosive opportunity to do something great for student and parent who are concerned about returning to brick and mortal school with 400 or more people.  INVESTORS ARE NEEDED IMMEDIATELY in order to catch this wave.
  • Social Media/Duo Meeting (due to social distance req.)   
    For more information: register, click on Investor's Corner Form below
    Registration is required

    Check us out on 

 6-9:45 pm  - Speed Dating, Munchies, Music and More...

Singles Mingle - Special Events

 (men & women 35 and up)

 Click Here Special Events


Special Event:  "Lock It Down" Singles Mingle

(Single/Available) Men & Women Hook up only          

Purchase participation packages in advance or on site Web Store 

All inclusive participation package $35.00

Organized Entertainment and Fun 

Pimp'n Out Single Men's Buy-in Daters wanted for 

1st 5-minute Dater Contest 

Fun' Raising *  Speed Dating  Munchies   *   Music  *   and More

RSVP to attended next event - click Here Special Events RSVP (Form)

Vendor Partnerships - Vendor Partnership (Form)


 Special Event:  "Date Night" Married Couples 


$25.00 Per Married Couple - click here  to purchase       Web Store

Couples games and activities 

Couples Night Event Details:  It's a social get together. It's like when you two were dating and getting to know each other.  YAHEC plans to end the evening with a big jump for laughter as the night closes and then ends.  Keep an eye on the calendar of event to register for the next event.  To RSVP visit YAHEC's web store for additional important information.  


Earn BIG brownie points to a cost efficient time alone.  

Fun' Raising *  Speed Dating  *  Munchies   *   Music  *   and More

RSVP to attended next event - click Special Events RSVP (Form)

Vendor Partnerships - Vendor Partnership (Form)

40 Acres Club

Do you have a desire to create change?  

Do you think about issues that plague our nation daily?  

Can you imagine a time in your life when all your needs are met? 


 It's Time!  The wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous ones.

 ?We can either Make it happen, or Let it happen.?

RSVP 301.613.4294 (txt or voice)

Reserve seats only    Special Events RSVP (Form)

Contact YAHEC via email

 Date: TBA           Time: 7:30 pm

(Space is limited)

A foundation built on trust and sincerity ...

Vendor Partnership (Form)




Join YAHEC for a fun-filled moment in time. 

Talent Showcase  Performance Fee:  $ 150.00  plus 15 tickets


Everyone's a winner, but one top cash prize winners is selected

For more details email or  contact us.



 Register Today! 


Open Call


Next Showcase: TBA


Reserve your performance - and opportunity to win

All Ages and Talents are Welcome   click here:  Talent Showcase Perform Form

Click Talent Showcase Performer  or Talent Showcase Ticket  

Models for YAHEC's fashion show are needed - no pay/no fee -

Open CAll (models only) on Sat. at 1:00 pm  (TBA)

Click here to reserve you ticket @ $10.00 (will call)   Talent Showcase - Tickets

Love In Action - Connects, Mingle, and Networking  

Date Night

Married Couples

Love In Action

Fun-filled evening of love and laughter

 "Just The 2 of Us" Event

  • Married couples only
  • Come with an expectation.  
  • Fun games and activities 
    • Exciting night -  Music, Munchies, and More
  • Guaranteed "Big" brownie points
  •   6:00 pm to 9:00 pm 

    Secure your seats at our web store Web Store

    Advance Registration click here:  

    Special Events RSVP (Form)
    *beverages are available with coupon purchase

      Singles Mingle   

    6:00 pm to 8:00 pm  

    (must pre register)

     25 and up...male & female hook ups

    big fun

  • Join us for a fun-filled evening
  • Must be single 
  • Come with an expectation.  
  • Fun games and activities 
  • Exciting night 
  • Meet new people 
     Register to attend (free) click here:  
    Secure your seats at speed dating and advance participation purchase  Web Store
    *beverages are available with coupon purchase  (discount when purchased in advance at the web store)
  • Minority Business EXchange Group - MBEG     TBA    

     YAHEC needs you! 

    Do you have a product or service you want to promote? 

    Are you looking for a way to network? 

    Note:  for those who have a ear to hear..."no one could buy or sell unless he had the..." ____ 

    It is time to prepare for the coming times. 

    We are family! 

    We must work together!

    Calendar of events are listed and registration is ongoing to attend. 

    This is a social and business networking opportunity. 

    Volunteers and Venues needed  Vendor Partnership (Form)

    Community Movie Night...It's Free  to Homeowner Associations

    Youth At Heart Empowerment Center, in conjunction with Kapitol Entertainment, is sponsoring FREE MOVIE NIGHT. 

    We bring the movie and everything you need for a quite, but fun evening in your community. 

    Vendors are welcome to rent a table ($ 25.00) at The Community Day Affair which begins at 4:00 pm.  Movies begin at dusk.  Bring your own lawn chair or blanket. 

    If you'd like for us to come to your neighborhood, complete the APPLICATION.  A YAHEC representive will contact your community to schedule a Community Day Affair.

    YAHEC's community day events are a great way to show neighbors love and appreciation for being such great people.  Sit back and enjoy the fun!  Youth At Heart Empowerment Center intends to put unity back to life in the Community. 

    We would love your support...schedule your date today.  Community Day Application or Contact YAHEC email to reserve your table to be a vendor.  This is a major event.  Church choirs and other entertainment groups are welcome to provide entertainment.  Let the world know you exist...




    ***** DATES & TIMES ARE LIMITED *****


    • YAHEC will use of open space, or park area in community
    • block party - YAHEC create a fun day event for neighbors
    • Large screen to view the movie from the comfort of a lawn chair or blanket 
    • Venue/Lawn space is required to accommodate 
      • neighbors, friends, and families in your community
      • Increase your presence.  (community must provide space)


    Get noticed...help build a better community

    "Know thy neighbor, Love thy neighbor" 

    Increase real estate value and community togetherness

    Help Us Grow Campaign - Ongoing   

    YAHEC intends to make changes in the lives of people who want to make a difference. We are looking for people who have something to offer. Check out our volunteer section to see how you can help.  If you are a small business, have a business idea, volunteer,invest, or looking to barter/promote your service to people in your community link up with us. 

    - $ 1.00 donation and become 1 in 10 Million


          Web Store

    Goal:  YAHEC seeks to raise $10 Million in order to bring this vision to manifestation.  Will you be the 1 in $10,000,000 to give $ 1.00?

    Food Bank Distribution - OUTREACH  BEAT THE HIGH COST OF FOOD

    Grace of God Ministries - Bladensburg, MD More info. for Food Bank (Ask for Ann)

    Share Food (Locust United Mehodist Men - Columbia, MD) $ 21.00 + per box includes lots of frozen and fresh foods)  Monthly orders pick every third Saturday in Columbia at the church I want to order a share food from Locust UMC sign up to get yours today.  call:  410 531-5323 mention the Share Program

    Helping The Community - United Methodist Men

    Want to reduce your monthly grocery bill?  The United Methodist Men of Locust United Methodist Church, in Columbia, MD is a sponsor of the Share Food Network for the community. The SHARE Food Network distributes high quality, affordable, and nutritious food as a way to build community and strenghten families.  The network was started by Catholic Charities twenty years ago.  Over 320 churches and communities participate in the program.  Particiants pay $21.00 (+) for a grocery package valued at $40-$45.00.   

    YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THE MONTHLY CONTENTS IN THE VALUE PACK!  For more information: call  410 531-5323 to place an order for the next month's Share Food Network Value Pack (note:each month the items contained change)   Info. about ordering share value pack


    Pick Up Site:  Columbia, Maryland   3rd Saturday call 410-531-5323 for more details

    40 Acres Club - Help change a nation

    Do you have a desire to create change? 

    Think about issues that plague our nation daily.  Can you imagine a time when all your needs are met? 

    It is our time.  The wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous ones.  You must be hungry to go and get it because it will not chase you down to have it.  Are you an agent of change?

     “We can either Make it happen, or Let it happen.”

    RSVP at 301.613.4294 (txt or voice)

    Reserve your seats

    Email:  tutoringgreatthinkers@gmail.com or

    website: www.yahec.com or contact YAHEC via email for more information

     10 partners desired   Registration- (Form)

    Date: TBA          Time: TBA

    (Space is limited)

    A foundation built on trust and sincerity ...Special Events RSVP (Form)

      (MBEG - Minority Business Exchange Group)