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The season is now! It is paramount that you go into prayer and request from God a conformation to assist in this great movement of His ordained vision for His people. The vision is huge and will require many services and support. Youth At Heart Empowerment Center (YAHEC) seeks the heart of God’s people to bring the vision to past for God’s purpose, and glory.


We are asking for funds of $1.00 or more to take part in the vision. I believe God will speak to the heart of His children and the incoming funds will advance the vision to help empower the people of God, and will prepare us for a time that is quickly approaching. On the web at yahec.com you will find more information about the company and YAHEC’s baseline vision. At this time, YAHEC is not a 503c, not for profit organization, but if lead by God the company will investigate the advantages.


Partnership is essential and necessary. The vision hopes to empower at least (13) new entrepreneurs and develop a community of wholeness and hope for the future. All of God’s people deserve an opportunity to sow into His great vision of Hope. YAHEC has a special request. At your discretion, please extend an opportunity to your congregation with a Love gift collection. The participants who add to the collection are invited visit our website and register their input.



Is this a love gift to help YAHEC reach our $10 million goal?

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