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MBSS Experience Speaker's Series Booking


Would you like to schedule a booking or onsite presentation?  If you or your group is looking to grow spiritually, I encourage you to sign up for an appearance by Andi Spice.  

Church groups......Women's groups.....Youth groups......

Men's groups......other Organizations

(Love Gift)  MBSS Experience is a series of speaking engagements to help encourage and teach Born Again principles to all Believer's in Christ.  According to Ephesians 4:11 ...until we all come of the faith.

Born Agian Series:

  • Heaven In My Mouth
  • By His Stripes - We are healed!
  • Life is a playwright...
  • Freedom...
  • Nothing happens...
  • The adopted bastard...
  • I'm married...
  • I want to know...
  • God's Will reveals...
  • Living Born Agian...


Topic 1 Birthing Season - I Call Myself Jobaline


Topic 2 Tragedy Turns To Triumph


Topic 3 U R The Best Advocate


Topic 4 God’s Way


Topic 5 I Wish That You Prosper & Be In Health


Topic 6 What Part Do I Play?


Topic 7 It’s Not About You


Topic 8 Your Will Be Done

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