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Meet and Greet Event


Join YAHEC for a night of fun, and laughter at our Acquaintance Night Out.  Come meet new people and take part in the mix-mingle/meet-greet session.


Step out of your comfort zone and play our 3-minute "Sneak A Peek" acquaintance rally.

This is not a meat market or match making service. We are offer unique opportunities to meet other people. We are a non-conventional group that intends to unite people in our community.


Buy two and get a $ 5.00 discount on one entrance. Bring a friend and double the fun.


Don't Miss (3-minute "Sneak-a-Peek" Room Rally starts 30 minutes after on-time arrival, so get there early)


Your entrance fee includes munchies and non-alcoholic drinks. Some venues offer other beverages at the your expense (cash bar services).  Admission ticket must be purchased in advance... No entrance fees paid at the door.   Registration closes 2-days before the event. Check out our calendar for dates and time/make sure you register early.

Do you want to take part in the sneak a peek?

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