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40 Acres Club Establishment - Join Minority Business X-change Group Business & Social Net.

 Do you have a desire to create change?  Think about issues that plague our nation daily.  Can you imagine a time when all your needs are met?  It is our time.  The wealth of the wicket is stored up for the righteous ones.

 “We can either Make it happen, or Let it happen.”

Remember to bring your home-baked cookies for our exchange offering

Please join me for an evening of excitement, intelligent discussion, and entertainment.   

New partners and your guest are welcome to attend. 

We can help to change a world, inquire about our 40 Acres Club ...become a partner of change.

A foundation built on trust and sincerity ...

RSVP by at 301.613.4294 (txt or voice)

Reserve your seats

Email:  tutoringgreatthinkers@gmail.com or website:  

40 Acres Club - Partner

10 partners desired  (space is limited)